Psychotherapy & Consultancy

Joanna is an accredited Systemic Psychotherapist (Family Therapist) and Organisational Consultant working for over 15 years consulting for several voluntary and statutory organisations. For example, Sligo Hospital Oncology Unit, HSE Autism Service, HSE Social Work and Physical & Sensory Disability Teams, various Family Resource Centres, local GP's etc. Such consultation has not only involved therapy and workshops for service users but also team-building, skill-building and debriefing for professionals.

She is affiliate therapist of the Clanwilliam Institute and Workplace Options Ireland (Employee Assistance Provider)

Lecturing and Workshops

In addition to her therapeutic and consultation work Joanna lectured at both undergraduate and postgraduate level on topics such as sociology, family studies, mental health, conflict resolution etc. and has been pathway leader on the MA Family, Youth & Child programme in St. Angela’s college Sligo. She coordinated the Postgraduate Certificate and MA in Mediation and Conflict Resolution accredited by NUI Galway also in St.Angela’s. She continues to supervise Masters degree research students with NUIG, UCC and DCU.

In providing a range of workshops both to the public and professionals, Joanna brings her expertise as a systems thinker and practitioner as well as a practical (and fun) facilitation style. Topics have ranged from Building Family Resilience, Anger Management, Conflict Resolution, Parenting, Sexual Health, Relationship Maintenance, Bereavement, Coping with Illness, Team Building/Debriefing Professionals Support - Supporting other professionals in working with clients and service users in above contexts.


Joanna is research associate with the Keenaghan Collaborative. Their most recent publication was their evaluation of the Mojo Kildare Creating Male Space Project which was funded by the National Office for Suicide Prevention in 2016.

Joanna collaborated on the National Best Practice Guidelines on Social Prescribing (2012) on behalf of the HSE West and the National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP).
Social Prescribing is an emerging area of practice whereby social activities are prescribed by G.P.'s in situations of mild to moderate anxiety and depression. You can download the Executive Summary from the National Office for Suicide Prevention. You can also check out Sligo’s Social Prescribing programme here:
In 2009, the Irish Journal of Family Law published Joanna’s research into the impacts of professional choices on children’s voices and resilience. She subsequently presented her research in this area to the International Society of Family Law Conference in 2010.


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