“We accomplish many things through our words” – Gergen

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You've taken the first step: checking out your options.

Are you just making a general inquiry or have you tried everything and feel fed up, exhausted and maybe even a bit hopeless? Have you run out of tools to make life more manageable? If you're not sure what kind of assistance you need, why not give me a call and I can go through some options with you? Joanna

Joanna Sweeney - 0876808511

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Children Bullying, Behaviour Difficulties, Anxiety,Grief, Parental Separation, Abuse, Anger, Sleep difficulties, illness, etc.

Teens Parental Separation, School difficulties, Bullying, Sexuality, Abuse, Conflict, Depression, Grief, Illness, Behaviour, Food Issues etc.

Family Resilience Building, Grief, Stress Management, Coping with Suicide, Conflict, Illness, Addiction, Parenting challenges etc.

Couples Conflict, Sexual issues, Co-Parenting, Past Abuse, Grief, Relationship Maintenance, Illness, Coping with Depression etc.

Individuals Coping with Illness, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Grief , Parenting after Seperation etc.

Who can attened?

I work with all kinds of combinations of family members. Sometimes just individuals on their own come along, sometimes parents with children. Couples also attend or even adult brothers and sisters. When I'm working with adolescents I ask for a parent to attend first

Ways of Working

For those of you who like to know the 'science bit', I use a few different approaches depending on the situation. For instance, a Brief Therapy Solution-Focussed approach, Narrative, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). I've spent many years putting these tools in my toolbox - let's work together at putting a few more in yours.

What is Family Therapy

Benefits of Family Therapy

Expectations of Family Therapy